Cheers to New Beginnings

Post # 1: Decisions! Where and how to begin? Or is it to “begin again”?  That seems to be the question of the day for me these days. You see,  I really am about to begin again. I have been involved with the same man for 35 years this month!  I have been married to that same man for 31 years this coming September.  I have shared in the birth and have raised 2 Beautiful Daughters with the same man in over a 22 year span. I have been a homemaker and stay at home mom for all of those years, and now I am about to be divorced from that same man! IMG_8538What to do? Where to live? What job path will I journey into? What will the dating scene be like in this new Life of Mine? Hmm…Tinder? The possibilities are endless! I really have no answers to any of those questions and more, but I hope you will follow along as I start this Life 🙂 Cheers!

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