The Power of Music

Click above to learn a little more about my love of music. I actually recorded this voice memo on my phone while at a stop light when I was driving to the gym!  Hence Music, just like the air I breath, gives me Life and Strength!

Now, that I have explained to you the need for music, as I go about my daily routine, I want to share with you a concert that a friend and I attended last night.

Lana Del Rey

Yes, that young talented beautiful singer that has quite the following!
The Concert was at a beautiful outdoor venue in balmy South Florida. The evening was spent with a very dear friend and revolved around great conversation, fine wine ( Blue Wing Chardonnay by Rodney Strong), and a delicious dinner at Morton’s Steak House that consisted of a delicate Swordfish, broccolini with lemon and croutons, and some of the yummiest truffle fries!

We arrived at the ampitheatre not knowing what to really expect as far as an age group for the concert-goers.  We had read reviews about a 14 year old crowd that was let loose for two hours without parents or guardians, so we were a little anxious about how we would intermix with those younger than our own kids. Well, we were pleasantly surprised to be among a nice mix of genders as well as ages!

IMG_5186Lana began as we arrived at our seats and the Party/Music Fest began!! Little did my friend and I realize that we were all  about to experience what can only be described a mesmerizing. Lana was alluring and demure, as well as seductive in her white satin flowing dress and long brown tresses. She drew us in from the first song on to the last song.  She captured and held her audience in a deep trance for almost two hours.  She intermingled with the fans taking selfies and posting them on the big screens that surrounded the stage.  She spoke about and sang a song to her dad, who was in the audience. Lana seemed to have captured all of our our hearts and minds and we were totally hypnotized and soon became  slaves to her music. It was kind of like a “drink the Kool-aid” type mentality. Obsessed and hanging onto her every word, we sang along to the tantalizing and sometimes provocative lyrics!

We left the concert feeling totally fulfilled with our musical choice!

A lesson learned from this evening would be…always experiment and try new things as it is never too late.

Look for the YOLO moment in each new day!  Life is way too short and valuable not to:)

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