One new beginning on hold! Another on Fast Forward!

IMG_4979Today,  I really have just a few moments to blog to you!  I am in the midst of of packing and organizing for my daughter’s big move to the west coast.  LA here we come!

My oldest daughter has graduated college and has landed herself a great job in California. We are leaving in the morning after a month long search of apartment hunting, car shopping, car insurance investigating, furniture buying or renting options, and shipping boxes of necessities from my  home to her new home.

This has been quite a challenging and educational eye opener for both of us.  Also, educational for me in the future when I will be doing all those similar things when I transition.

We are finally on the countdown as we pack our suitcases, print our boarding passes, and map our destination when we land. We have investigated where to buy groceries, furniture etc when we arrive to her new home.  There is a lot of different emotions running through our minds as she says goodbye to her childhood home and ventures on to her new home and the transitioning from a college style atmosphere to adult style atmosphere in a whole new environment.

Excitement is the preferred emotion right now, but moving in a direction is never easy for anyone!

Wish us Luck as we maneuver through this next step in both of our lives. Good bye for now.

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