Fast forwarding thru July ( unpublished until today)

Crazy that we are in the last week of another month.  I started my blog a little over a month ago! Time really does fly by so YOLO is the word  of the day.

I put my transitioning into my new life on hold to jumpstart my oldest daughter’s new life as a college grad-turned-professional.

The California move went off without a hitch. I spent 12 days helping her set up all the apt living necessities. We made several Ikea runs and ended up with a very cool collection of furniture and accessories. I even helped with the assembly process. In the end, we accomplished all that we needed to do and enjoyed a few bonuses along the adventure. Disneyland was an awesome 13hr experience, as well as a trip to LA to be apart of the audience on the TV show, The Talk!  I even won a Tablet as part of a raffle :)!  We also did some hiking on the beaches of Laguna and had some amazing dinners throughout the OC Area. My favorite sweet indulgence had to be the Doughnuts at Sidecar in Newport Beach!  So yummy and worth every calorie.

So I left the OC with great memories and the confidence that my daughter was extremely ready and capable of starting her new chapter without her mom’s constant presence.  I ❤ Allison.  Good Luck my sweet. xoxo

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